Study in the UK from Egypt

Study in the UK from Egypt

Country Background: Egypt is a densely populated nation situated in the northeast of Africa. As per the data in figure 2, the high rate of population in the country is increasing at a rapid level. With a maximum of desert locations, the country has only 7.7% of the area that is inhabited. The country has 23 governorates who rule over urban and rural locations. The well improved and developed country provides education only to 30% of the people. In that, there are only 17 public universities and 16 under private ownership. Lack of practical vocational training for the students has led the government to improve such training programmes in educational institutions. It will help the students to enhance their skills required for pursuing a professional career.Study in the UK from Egypt

Advantages of Studying in the UK

The United Kingdom provides various kinds of opportunities for international students. Educational institutions with remarkable reputation help students to achieve UK degrees through which they get the chance to work in renowned organisations. Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in the UK provides a huge advantage for students to grasp high-quality education from reputed universities like Cambridge and Oxford. After scrutinising the performance of a particular university, new ways of teaching practices are improvised. The short duration of graduate and masters courses help the students to save time. Along with studies, students in the UK also have the option to work on a part-time basis during the university semester breaks. Thus, students from different countries pursue their higher education in UK universities and colleges.

Work during the study in the UK

Students in UK universities and colleges prefer to gain professional experience. Many of them, therefore, work as part-time or full-time employees. To work in the UK, students may face two kinds of restrictions like the university raised limitations and through state-run official institutions. Students highly prioritise the fact that they should work apart from pursuing an educational degree as students are allowed to gather knowledge through utility and practical learning sources. It helps to improve skills and gain experience. Hence, they work full-time during university semester breaks. During the term classes, some of the students work for 20 hours in a week. Students who take responsibility for his /her living on an independent basis prefer to work and pay their bills. In the case of some other students, it becomes difficult to pay the high rate of tuition fees, and so they meet such requirements by working. Other than earning, students also gain experience from a particular sector or industry. However, there are some restrictions on the jobs which students cannot pursue, and it includes permanent jobs, self-employment works, tasks of entertaining, training as a doctor, initiating any new business and many more. International students studying under UK universities or colleges can consider jobs including sales assistant works, personal assistant, waitress, receptionist, admission officer, finance assistant, photographer, bartender, cashier, tourist guide, IT assistant and many more.

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Study in the UK from EgyptStudy in the UK from EgyptStudy in the UK from EgyptStudy in the UK from EgyptStudy in the UK from Egypt