Study in the UK from Kenya

Study in the UK from Kenya

Background and Advantages of studying in the UK
Kenya is a country in Africa and is the world’s 48th largest country in terms of area. The economy is the largest in central and eastern Africa. In Kenya, three levels of education are present. In Kenya, primary and secondary education is free as well as compulsory. Students can enter the secondary school only after obtaining the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education, and they need to pass a national exam for this. The UK is a much more developed nation as compared to Kenya and has achieved a lot more advanced education system.Study in the UK from Kenya

In comparison to the UK, Kenya also faces some serious issues and challenges regarding its education system. It is understandable from the number of students that join higher education in top universities in both nations. The UK has a higher amount. In Kenya, the opportunity for higher education is mostly favourable towards the elites. There are also issues regarding the funding system in Kenya in comparison to the UK. However, access to higher education is slowly increasing in the country but is much less as compared to the UK. Kenyan students do come to the UK to pursue their higher studies and also dream of fulfilling their dreams of getting a job in their field of research but sometimes have to face hardships too. Some students work in part-time jobs. The law offers the advantage to work for 20 hours a week. Some universities also employ students for a part-time job at night.

Language requirements to study in the UK

The home office of the UK requires that every student who is from the outside UK must show proof of a minimum level of English language, which is known as the B2 level. It will allow the student to acquire a Tier 4 visa to pursue an undergraduate or a post-graduate degree. The individual universities and schools also require strict criteria for having the basic knowledge of the English language that will be necessary for various programmes conducted at these schools. Some schools may require an advanced level of English language that is higher than the B2 level. The language requirement is necessary for EU students; however, they may not require a Tier 4 visa. English is the language for delivering courses in various universities around the country. A student needs a sufficient level understanding of the English language to complete the courses and also take part in classes while the teacher is delivering a lecture. The students need to demonstrate their language skills by undertaking an English language test. There is a system called the International English level system used by various universities to measure the understandability level of students from different parts of the world. However, some countries are exempt from undergoing through such English tests. When an international student applies for a university in the UK, then they need to demonstrate their spoken and written English language capabilities to the universities. Students may also require to take up sessions to improve their command over English.

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Study in the UK from KenyaStudy in the UK from KenyaStudy in the UK from KenyaStudy in the UK from KenyaStudy in the UK from Kenya