Study in the UK from Mauritius

Study in the UK from Mauritius

Background and Advantages of studying in the UK
The Republic of Mauritius is an island situated in the Indian Ocean. The people are living in Mauritius multi-religious and multicultural. The country is highly ranked in democracy and also for economic and political freedom, a former Britsh colonial state. Thus the education system in Mauritius is mostly based according to the British system. The education system considers four categories that are pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary. Students enrol in pre-primary schools from the age of three.Study in the UK from Mauritius

French and English languages are compulsory in all schools, along with the option to learn other ancestral words. However, when the question arises on world universities rankings, the UK has always maintained a track record. The country has world-class research opportunities and innovative techniques for its education system. Students from Mauritius pursue their higher studies in the UK to improve their employability skills. The UK also provides various scholarships and grants for students from Mauritius who want to study a specialised program in the UK. Students of Mauritius origin may not pursue degree programs as both the educations systems are similar to each. However, since the advanced opportunities ate present in the UK many students from Mauritius may choose to study from a UK university to advance in their career and also find a suitable job in multinationals in the UK. Some students in Mauritius may even go abroad in other countries just for the sake of exploring new cultures or moving out of the country.

Cultural Diversity in the UK

Since the UK universities and schools provide excellent educations to students and also welcomes various international students from all over the world, the schools, universities and workplaces have become a hub for cultural diversity in the UK. Different students from across the globe come to the UK to pursue their higher studies majorly. Some students belong to different culture also in the UK since childhood as different minority groups present in the country. People from Asian origin who belong from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh also have either settled in different parts of the UK, or those students who belong from elite families pursue their courses from the UK. The British Black people who are from Caribbean descent also have lived in England from the past 200 years and face a lot of racial discriminations in schools and colleges.

It is a factor that demotivates students from a different culture to study in the UK for fear of facing discrimination practices. Another reason for including a high level of cultural diversity in the country is that UK institutions also offer some specialised courses that are otherwise difficult to find in other institutions around the world. With each passing day, the UK is, and the whole of Britain is becoming more diverse culturally. However, we would also like to stress upon the fact that British culture has a strong influence all over the world with its food, music and literature. It has attracted even more cultures from different countries to be invited to the country and adopting the English lifestyle.

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Study in the UK from MauritiusStudy in the UK from MauritiusStudy in the UK from MauritiusStudy in the UK from MauritiusStudy in the UK from Mauritius