Study in the UK from Morocco

Study in the UK from Morocco

Country Background of Morocco: Morocco, officially named as the Kingdom of Morocco, is a North African country that shares a border with Spain, Portugal and Mauritania. With a rule of Islamic Parliamentary Constitutional Hereditary Monarchy, the nation has become a member of the Arab League, African Union and Union for the Mediterranean. People belonging from different ethnic backgrounds live together for maintaining a unified culture. Influence of roman, Arabic, French, Spanish and South African literature has helped people to keep the particular Moroccan culture. Blend of African, Arab, Jewish, Berber and Mediterranean tradition has created a unique identity of the Moroccan culture.Study in the UK from Morocco

The low gender gap has led to a high literacy rate of the country. The data in Figure 1 shows a rise in the literacy rate, comprising both male and female population of the country. In 2018, there was a rise of 73.75% of the overall literacy rate as compared to 69.43% in the year 2012. Initiatives taken by the Ministry of National Education (MNE) and the Ministry of Higher education have helped to improve the overall literacy rate. Proper health condition and wellbeing of the Moroccan population is another reason for maximising such rate.

Advantages of Studying in the UK

Students around the globe always prefer to complete their higher studies in some best colleges or universities in the world. The United Kingdom provides such a high standard of academic courses, and students around the globe prefer to get admission in such universities. Four best universities among the top 10 are from this nation, namely, Cambridge and Oxford University. With educational excellence, students also get the opportunity to gain work experience.

Student Life in the UK

With the presence of an independent institution, Quality Assurance Agency scrutinises educational standards and way of teaching patterns from one university to another. Based on the performance of a university, QAA has changed the teaching patterns, which nations like Morocco have not adopted. UK universities and colleges cover their course duration in a short time as compared to many other countries of the world. However, professors and lecturers ensure that no kind of compromise occurs during such a short duration. As graduate courses are available within one year program, and for other country universities’, three-year courses are provided, so students in the UK get the opportunity to work for 20hours in a week. Apart from studies, students can also explore the whole of Europe covering the Netherlands, France, Belgium and many more. Free health for international students through the National Health Service (NHS) is a significant advantage of studying in the UK. Students can grasp information through utility and practical based studies, rather than learning only from textbooks. Therefore, educational qualification achieved from UK universities becomes a benchmark for students who pursue their international courses.

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Study in the UK from MoroccoStudy in the UK from MoroccoStudy in the UK from MoroccoStudy in the UK from MoroccoStudy in the UK from Morocco