Study in the UK from Qatar

Study in the UK from Qatar

It is a country with an absolute monarchy with a high human development index. It is the most advanced Arab country in the world. Per capita income of citizens of Qatar is rather high, and this is eventually related to the treasury of oil reserve in the country. As per recent data which was released by the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency, the number of Qatari students studying in the UK tends to rise. According to data of 2017, the rise in students has occurred, which has eventually led to over 3000 students studying in the UK.
If you are a student from Qatar, the figures above show that the UK is indeed the ideal place for you! The budding universities, vast scope of recruitment and a wide range of subject and degree that is proffered by educational institutes here are perfect for you. You will have the opportunity to choose from as much as 50000 varying courses from fine arts to medicine. The UK universities offer the courses, are generally of a less period than others. Apart from this, the UK Visas and Immigration policies, along with the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) also speaks of opportunities for you to work while partaking in the study. The society for students is multicultural. As a Qatari student, you shall have no difficulty in merging just well with the social life here.Study in the UK from Qatar

Financing and Study Cost in the UK

UK universities are renowned for being highly expensive, globally. Thus, irrespective of the high per capita income of Qatari student, the rise in cost can be a significant deterrent and is bound to affect your decision. Hence, seeking means of financial aid is recommended.

Student Loans

The grants which you can seek from the UK are merit and need-based. As a student from Qatar, you are not eligible for seeking loans from UK based banks, and hence you shall be required to pursue other means of financing your studies. The government-backed authorities are not authorised to provide you with loans. However, you can seek loans from universities where you are applying. Often universities have usually established schemes for student loans. You can avail this if you think you are capable enough. Hence we suggest that you approach your respective universities to provide you with the financing.


For an international student like you, scholarships are an effective means of financing. There are necessarily two major governmental scholarships which are awarded by the UK. You should analyse both the types and apply for them accordingly. Chevening Scholarship is potentially the most promising for you, as it guarantees financial support. The other is a University Scholarship. You can also seek for a mitigation of student cost by seeking specific nongovernmental scholarship organisation such as Royal Society Grants, Newton Fund, Young Cell Scheme and others.

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Study in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from QatarStudy in the UK from Qatar