Study in the UK from Sierra Leone

Study in the UK from Sierra Leone

Background and Advantages of studying in the UK
This country is present on the southwest coast of West Africa, has a diverse environment and climate. The country achieved its independence from British colonialism in 1961. Sixteen ethnic groups inhabit the land. Educations system of the country is a legal requirement for all children for six years at primary level schools and in junior secondary education for about three years. The wars in the country in the year 2001 destroyed primary schools. However, the situation has improved since then, and there has been a reconstruction of many schools in the state. There is still a long way to go for Sierra Leone in terms of educational development. The education system is styled based on British Educations system. There is low literacy of Adult education in the country, and literacy among women is much lower than men. The primary school enrolment ratio in the country is 63 per cent, but women only comprise 45 per cent of the total rate.Study in the UK from Sierra Leone

Women who pursue some formal education chiefly seek medical care. There is very low-quality education in Sierra Leone compared to UK universities. The UK universities have a more practical approach towards teaching as compared to institutions in Sierra Leone. In the UK exams take place at the end of the year while in Sierra Leone students are heavily burdened with reviews. There is a lot of punctualities and facilities for students in schools and colleges in the UK as compared to Sierra Leone schools which lack these.

Is it worth to study in the UK?

The majority of international students who have graduated from the UK have said that it was worth their investment in financial terms as well as quality education. A survey of the UK international alumni shows that students have been delighted with the degree that they have obtained from the British institutions. Most of them are now working. I well-reputed companies or have also adopted their own business. Most of the students have admitted that their UK degree has been the primary cause of success in their careers. Significant groups of students enjoy their academic and student life in the UK. 80 % of the international student’s population thank their UK degrees and colleges that helped them to find a job.

More than 60 % of students are earning above average in their home countries after qualifying from UK colleges and universities. A student group expresses that degrees help in improving career prospects in the UK. The degrees and programs designed at UK universities have contributed significantly to shaping the future of many students and was able to fulfil the dreams of many. The international student population in the country has doubled over the years as these students choose UK universities over American ones. The universities generate a high amount of income from these international students who charge a considerable amount of fees from international students.

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Study in the UK from Sierra LeoneStudy in the UK from Sierra LeoneStudy in the UK from Sierra LeoneStudy in the UK from Sierra LeoneStudy in the UK from Sierra Leone