Study In the Uk From Singapore

Study In the Uk From Singapore

Country Background
If you have lived in Singapore for long, you will be acquainted with the diverse lifestyle Singaporeans lead. The education system in the country also fosters its students and encourages them to adapt to new skills. Many Singaporean students also often look for options regarding studies abroad. As an aspiring professional if you are looking for a destination that will help you in fulfilling your targets in the career you want to take up in the future, the UK has a vast trove of opportunities to offer you. The major cities of the UK like London share many similarities with Singapore, the most prevalent one being the diversity of cultures and ethnicities they house. The variety of Singapore contributes to a spectrum of different languages spoken on the island. To this end, you as a student have had to learn the English language that is more or less accepted universally throughout the country.
This knowledge of English will significantly benefit you when you apply for studies in the UK as English is the primary language in which the majority of courses are present in the country. If you are willing to seek quality education and a formidable degree in the choice of your degree, it is noteworthy to mention that the UK has four of the top ten Universities in the world. It is evident in the high-quality education UK guarantees. You are also allowed to have a part-time job while studying to fund your studies or other essential commodities. It will also allow you to earn experience in the field of work. Study In Uk From Singapore

Cost of studying in the UK

The tuition fee for your course will be your prime expenditure during your time in the study. This fee will depend on the university and the path you choose. Your grants or scholarships will further influence your cost. A majority of the reputed universities will have their fee structure for which you will need to refer to their respective official sources. Fees differ for EU and Non-EU students. Your accommodations costs will also contribute significantly to the expenditure of your finances. Hence, you must consider the locations and the types of accommodation you choose. Universities may even offer you in-campus residences. However, these facilities tend to be costlier. You must also consider everyday travel costs while calculating your financial expenditure. Should the distance between your accommodation and your university permit, you could purchase a bicycle to ease your travel.
Another high cost you must consider is the application of Student Visa, which claims the price of its own. To apply for a student visa, you must fulfil specific criteria, some of which pertain to the conditionality of your offer of a seat in the course with a licensed Tier sponsor, your English language proficiency, and the adequacy of your financial resources to sustain your course as well as your lifestyle practices. The cost of a student visa is approximately 348 Euros.

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Study In the Uk From SingaporeStudy In the Uk From SingaporeStudy In the Uk From SingaporeStudy In the Uk From SingaporeStudy In the Uk From Singapore