Study in the UK from Turkey

Study in the UK from Turkey

Background and Advantages of studying in the UK
The Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country that, located in Western Asia. The education system in Turkey is a system that lays down compulsory education for up to 12 years. The state government finances primary and secondary education in the country. The secondary school is not mandatory in Turkey but is essential for the students if they want to pursue an education in higher universities. The Turkish education system from childhood itself stresses upon direct instructor rather than a facilitator. Turkey and England have educational systems that are contrasting with each other. The UK has been a popular choice for Turkish students, and around 3000 students enrol in various universities in the UK. The British Council, along with 13 UK universities, have launched the program great scholarships to encourage More Turkish students in The UK. The value for the same scholarship program is £120,000, which is known as the GREAT scholarship scheme. The value provided to each Turkey students under the programme is £10,000. This scholarship scheme will provide opportunities to this Turkish student who wishes to pursue a post-graduation degree in the UK. Students can apply for various courses under the programme that range from business, art and design, IT, biosciences and Law. However, there are still some set-backs for the Turkish students who have to spend months preparing to apply in some of the UK’s most prestigious institutions. The increase in complexity of the students in applying from visas and the increased fee for international students is an area of concern.Study in the UK from Turkey

Which skills are in demand in the UK?

Some jobs are simply much more popular than other jobs in all countries worldwide, and the UK is no less. The jobs that provide a better salary to people will attract the students more, and therefore more people will apply for such Jobs. The posts that excite people more in the UK will encourage the students more to acquire such skills. The skills that are mostly in demand in the UK are:-

Accounting-  AAT is the most reached out qualification for students who are pursuing accounting. This skill will help attract various multinational companies and will get the students ready to acquire jobs.

Cyber Security- This professional package of Cyber Security Professional Package helps the students to acquire necessary tech skills and certifications.

Marketing-  This is the most in-demand skill that every multinational company is searching. The social media marketing and copywriting courses are some of the courses most approached for the students who look up to a job in the content writing for different news channels.

Project Management– Project managers are required by companies in almost every industry. Companies are always looking for skilled project managers. Project managers can earn huge amount of salaries with a little experience in the field.

Microsoft Excel– Good Excel skills are fundamental in different industries to manage different kinds of work. People who are interested in data entry jobs and like to handle data can earn much money after acquiring these skills.

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Study in the UK from TurkeyStudy in the UK from TurkeyStudy in the UK from TurkeyStudy in the UK from TurkeyStudy in the UK from Turkey