Banking and Finance in the UK

Banking and Finance in the UK –  Popular Banks in the UK

There are around 300 banks in the UK and 45 building societies that have made it the most powerful banking system all over Europe and the fourth largest worldwide.  There are different branches of the UK banking system: High Street banks, Business banks, and Investment banking services. However, the top Brands in the UK are HSBC Holdings – The largest bank in the UK and employs around 90000 employs. It has 964 branches all over the UK.  Barclay’s PLC- The bank provides various services and employs approximately 12000 staff worldwide.  Royal Bank of Scotland- This bank uses many people and thus competes with HSBC in delivering outstanding services to the consumers.


Banking and Finance in the UK

Popular Loan and Credit cards provided in the UK

The most popular banks that provide credit card services and loans in the UK and used people are Barclaycard, Capital one, Tesco Bank,  Virgin Money, American Express, Santander, Sainsbury Bank, HSBC, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, and NatWest bank.  These banks provide different credit card types to their customers based on their needs. There are various offers on credit cards that a person can enjoy. The credit cards offer discounts on movie tickets, restaurants, spas, and shopping outlets that are additional benefits to taking a loan against these credit cards.  The above-listed bank provides attractive interest rates on loans, and the process is also much more straightforward that attracts customers to avail of loans.

How do Banking and finance support British people and businesses in everyday life and trade?

In an economy, the banks are those pillars that support the economy and can survive and support the businesses. The Banks support financial terms and provide advice and guidance related to staying.  Banks also ensure that companies are in an excellent financial position and therefore take care of the assets and liabilities of the business.  Banks may also help the business identify its future opportunities and finance the requirements needed by the company to do so. The banks regulate payments made in huge for various business deals and foreign transfers. Thus banks play a significant role in helping the business to survive and operate. Banks also play an essential role in the economy of any country as they act as reserves for the cash and assets of any country. The banks regulate various rates to flourish business and develop a stable economy that helps trade with other countries. Banks also play a significant role in the everyday lives of familiar people. Traditionally banks were used to deposit money and save money in the bank accounts of the individuals provided by the bank and make fixed deposits. Still, with growing technology, banks have started dealing with various payment-related activities like paying the bill of individuals, facilitating online services for the ease of payments, and introducing features like net banking and online payments that have made banking and payments more straightforward for the people. Thus though these years, banking has changed a lot and developed in such ways that it has made the life of people much more straightforward, and they can control all their activities with their smartphones.

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