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Sports in the UK are the most popular leisure activities and almost two-thirds of the adult population have indulged themselves in Sports and leisure activities. However, sports are moving away from the lives of children and young people. Men in the UK usually like to play golf and games like billiards and snooker on the other hand women are majorly involved in swimming, yoga, and other dance classes. The UK holds a place among the top five successful nations in world sports.  The sportsmen and sportswomen have held over 50 world titles round the years stressing on the factor that how important sports have been in the UK through the years. Cricket has been the national game in England and has been played by people from the 13th century. Football has been another favourite sport of British people. There are more than 50000 clubs in the UK that promote football and there are different playgrounds and parks where youngsters play football every day. There are various tournaments on the national and international level that are held every year.

Rugby is another sport that has developed from football that has been developed at Rugby School, Warwickshire. There is two major sport here that is a rugby union and rugby league. The rugby union is mainly played in the rest of England and the rugby league is played in the north of England. In the UK there are around 30 professional clubs that include around 2000 professional players. Tennis is another popular sport in England and there are various major tennis tournaments held every year. Wimbledon is the oldest tournament among these and the reward for this tournament has gone up to £1,500,000. There is also a tradition for people of England to enjoy strawberry and cream while they watch the tournament. Golf has been said to develop in Scotland. The game has its earlier versions in the British-Isles and some low countries in northern Europe. This sport is viewed as an elite pastime but it is a very popular sport among British People that they play throughout their life.  There are more than 500 golf courses in Scotland. Horseracing is known to be the sport played by the royalty and the kings. The derby had originated here as well as the Grand National that is the most difficult horse race in the world.

These sports are now globally famous and had started spreading in the 18th and 19th centuries. The modern game of football is said to have originated in England and the Football Association one of the first organisations of the game was also founded in England. Now the game has spread all over the world with millions of people playing the game and millions of people watching it too. The popular game of Cricket has also been developed in England but is now a favourite of many people all around the world. Thus Britain has made a major contribution by giving the world different sports.