Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance – Why do we need travel insurance?


Travel insurance requires people to take long-distance journeys to international places and frequently travel for several reasons like business or vacations. Therefore, it makes travel insurance an essential part of a traveller. It will also be a safety against the risks incurred for unforeseen medical expenses and safeguard the travellers from any emergency that may take place and spoil the trip. It could also include losing checked-in baggage or maybe a passport. Thus by taking up insurance from an insurance company, a person may feel assured and cover all the related risks while travelling.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance


What do they usually cover?

  1. Saves you from unforeseen medical expenses- While travelling, one may not know what they will be suffering through. Thus, having travel insurance can safeguard them from all the unexpected costs.
  2. A friend in an unfamiliar place- Travel insurances could act as a friend for claiming their belongings overseas. It also helps in medical situations that may arise abroad.
  3. Personal-liabilities- At times, an emergency also includes damage done to a third person in a foreign land. Travel insurance also covers this. In addition, the insurance company will cover up the injuries made to a third party.
  4. Travel related emergencies- There may arse instances where travellers might come across non-medical crises like losing their belongings or misplacing their passports, or even some stolen luggage. There could be delays in flights due to bad weather conditions that could further cause problems throughout the travel journey or even hotel reservations. These problems, however, can be easily managed by owning travel insurance.
  5. Mandatory requirements- There are some requirements by the airlines while one is travelling internationally. In addition, the absence of insurance can also prohibit a person from taking his flight.

How do British people look at travel insurance?

People living in the UK look for covers against cancellations and delays. Due to the snowfalls and heavy rains, the UK experiences terrible weather most of the time, and thus there are several delays in UK trips. Hence people always look for covering their costs in case of cancellations. There also may be prepaid expenses that one incurs while planning a trip like booking hotels etc. Maybe foreigners also book their plans in advance, and without travel insurance, they have to suffer from these costs. Planning a trip to the UK can be costly, and thus one needs an insurance cover to protect against all the uncertainties that might occur. British people also look for petty hospitalisation expenses in case people may feel sick while in a foreign land. An insurance plan will help them locate hospitals in an unfamiliar area; otherwise, these people might not be aware of it. British people are generally covered under the NHS (National Health Insurance System). British people living outside the country are also covered under this plan.


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