UK Tier 4

UK Tier 4  – Tier 4 Visa

Are you already in the UK and want to extend your UK Tier 4? Then please contact us. We will assist you in enrolling at UK University. Please note you must pass to get admission in your first course. For example, If you were here in the UK with a  Tier 4 student visa for an MBA, you must pass your MBA to get admission into other MSc or PhD or DBA courses. If you are failed, then unlikely you will not get admission to the University as many UK university require a progress report. So, first, you need to focus on your study.


UK Tier 4

What is UK Tier 4?

UK Tier 4 student visa allows an international student from outside the country to enter the UK as a student, normally for university. It’s a visa for an international student to study at the UK educational institute. Once students are here, they can extend or switch their visa. This visa has replaced the Tier 4 (General) from the UK student visa.  Tier 4 Degree students who wish to work in the UK after the successful complication of their course can apply for PSW.

What is PSW in the UK?

PSW stand for a post-study work permit. Basically, it allows international students to extend their stay in the UK towards work experience for 2 years after completing courses. Students can work in any sector or job during the first year after graduation until they find suitable work and move forward with a general work visa such as Tier 2. Or they can go back to their own country.


Who are eligible for PSW in the UK?

Basically, you need to successfully complect your bachelor, or Master or PhD level course.


Does Tier 4 affect the university?

Yes, it depends on where do you study. If you have completed your course at publicly funded colleges with Tier 4, you will not be allowed to work. However, if you are University graduates, you will be allowed to study at a higher level or a new course at the same level but need to prove a link to your completed course. Similarly, educational institute such as university can also confirm that the course benefits the student’s career aspirations.



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If you want to know our partner UK University list, then please have a look. Similalry, Have a look at our social media for regular update. Finally, if you are already in the UK and want to extend, please fill it below.


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