Hospitality – Why do People need holidays? –  Importance of Holidays


Holidays are essential to break the monotony of life to indulge in experiences that can help relieve stress. They provide you with an escape from your mundane activities and an opportunity for you to relax. Unfortunately, an iterative lifestyle without strategically timed breaks can lead to an array of physical and mental health problems. Therefore, it is essential to take days off from your schedule, break away from your daily routine, and relax.

Taking holidays helps you to prepare for the upcoming days, fills you with motivation to continue with your regular life, and makes you realise the value of things beyond the scope of your daily occupation. Holidays have been proven to increase satisfaction with life and contribute to the right work-life balance.





World’s Favourite Holiday Destination

Besides holiday destinations in their own countries, tourists love travelling abroad. With the decrease in travel and hospitality expenses, foreign travel has increased. Here’s looking at some of the most popular holiday destinations around the world:

France: The country serves as a magnet for foreign and national tourists. France attracts close to sixteen million more tourists than the USA.

United States of America: With the presidency of Donald Trump, the country has seen a fall in the number of tourists. However, it remains one of the top holiday destinations\

Other very famous holiday hot spots include China, Spain, and Italy. China is adored by travellers who look for adventure within the budget, while more luxurious spenders are more attracted to Spain and Italy. India is also fast climbing on the chart of most favoured tourist destinations. The country has a vast landscape ranging from the ocean to the mountains, from deserts to lush green forests. It is also a hub for adventure sports and trekking.


Best Holiday Activities

Spending a holiday does not always have to include travelling. You can spend a refreshing holiday within the walls of your home via these relaxing activities:

  • Cooking and baking: You can try to cook dishes that you have never cooked before or try perfecting the one recipe you failed to prepare correctly in the past
  • Binge-watch movies/TV series: You can cross movies off your bucket list that has been growing for a long time.
  • Restaurant hopping: Take a friend or venture out alone to try the various restaurants in your locality. You may find some surprises hidden close to your home.
  • Art and craft: Make that birdhouse you have been planning to since your fourth-grade summer vacation
  • Volunteer at a charity: Helping those in need always makes you feel better about yourself. Spend your holiday serving those who are less fortunate than you.
  • Visit your family and friends: Holidays are the perfect occasion to catch up with your friends and family. Drop-in for a surprise visit and spend the day with them by getting to know them better.

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