Fashion – Fashion in the UK


The UK fashion trend in 2020 is seeing the widespread use of a few high street items that are noticeable in office-goers and students alike. 

Throw-on-and-go Dresses: These dresses are a crowd-pleaser, especially during summer, mainly due to their appeal of excellent and low maintenance. These dresses are made from light fabrics such as cotton and were launched in the market by Zara.

Dr Martens: Dr Martens is the most popular trend in fashionable shoes in the UK. It is suitable for the transitioning weather and has been seen commonly paired with skirts, dresses, and jeans.

Slip skirts: The slip skirt has long found favour among women due to its chic and elegant appeal. Wearers of these skirts often pair them with a sleek top and the above discussed Dr Martens.

Camel Coat: Camel Coat is now treated as a classic staple. It has long existed in the fashion sector, and it never seems to die out from the trends. It’s the basic adored by everyone from chic Parisian women to fashion-forward Londoners.



Cloths shop near me – Cloths for students in the UK

While you are in the Uk as a student, you might be unaware of online clothing shops, so you can check this website and compare it with others.
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Cloths for students in the UK



Culture of shopping for clothes online in the UK

The online shopping culture has been deeply rooted in the UK, especially the millennials and the GenY. The ease and efficiency of online shopping have had a mass appeal over shoppers from almost all age groups and financial backgrounds; in addition, online shopping makes luxurious items of clothing affordable.

Online retail garment stores are claiming that UK has one of the fastest-growing customer bases. There are presently hundreds of functional websites of garment retail in the country. All the major brands have set up shop in the UK through websites, not physical stores. The brands with at least one physical store have been doing slightly better than those thriving solely on their online presence in the country. The culture reflected the sudden shift in the behaviour of the customer base of the garment industry.


Best online clothes retail brands in the UK

Among the hundreds of online shopping websites in the UK, these few are the most popular among customers:

  • ASOS: ASOS provides an exclusive student discount of ten percent along with their well known affordable clothesline
  • MissGuided: Another viral website among youngsters in the country. This site is well known for updating its inventory with the latest fashion trends and is popular among women shoppers.
  • Nike: Even though it is an American based company, Nike has established a very loyal customer base in the United Kingdom.
  • NastyGal: This website has many attractive features like its next-day delivery policy and year-long discount offers. ensures the efficient delivery of goods and its “buy now pay later” plan, attracting many customers.



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