Online Shopping In the UK


Online shopping in the UK – The past and present of Online Shopping in the UK

The United Kingdom has played host to one of the most advanced e-commerce (online shopping in the UK) market in the world. With the advent of modern technology, in a short period, the retailers in the UK have recognised and acknowledged the importance as well as the effectiveness of implementing digital technologies into their business. An English inventor, Michael Aldrich, is credited for the introduction of online shopping to the UK and eventually to the world. He founded the “teleputer” which he implemented to establish a communication network based on internet protocols to develop an online business to business (B2B) shopping system for customers. Currently, statistics have suggested that the UK e-commerce market will see a significant hike in financial input and investment between 2019 and 2024. Researchers hypothesise that this hike will amount to an almost 29.6% increase. The walk will reflect the evident change in preferences of the customer towards online shopping.

Online Shopping In the UK

Online Shopping In the UK

Why online shopping?

There are multiple reasons why customer nowadays prefer online shopping

-Ease of access and searching for products and services

-Shop from any location

-Delivery to any location

-Lower Prices

-Higher customer value

-Easy and efficient return policies

-Access to a worldwide market

-Better time management

-No need for queues

-Access to the latest trends and products

How to shop online?

There are hundreds of websites and retailers that provide online shopping services. You can avail any one of these depending on the products or the services you want to shop. There are also many such websites that market products from all spectrums of categories. For example, Amazon sells a multitude of products ranging from books, clothes to electronics and everyday items, and even food products! You only need to be connected to the internet to access these online shopping sites.

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