Study in the UK from South Korea

Study in the UK from South Korea

The Pacific Ocean surrounds a country in the southern half of the Korean peninsula. The capital of the state is Seoul which is the fourth largest metropolitan, economically in the world. Post the Korean War in 1953; South Korea emerged as the fastest growing economy in the world. The average rise in GDP has attained a record high. It is one of the most advanced democracies in the world and has an enormous amount of press freedom. Education is compulsory in South Korea for students between the ages group of six and 15. The schools in the country follow the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education. The framework is known as the National Curriculum Framework. The system which is utilised by South Korea to assess the level of education is the National Assessment of Educational Achievement, also known as NAEA.Study in the UK from South Korea

For gaining admission into a college, the taking of College Scholastic Ability is mandatory. The tests are highly competitive, and students need to take extra tuitions outside of their schools. The tuition centres are known as hagwons. The mental state of students in South Korea is somewhat diminishing owing to high competition, and exceeding the rate of expectations for performance. Hence recent reforms were passed, which focuses upon widening the scope of criteria for conducting admissions in the various universities and educational institutes—the change highlights and amalgamates into the University Simplification Policy of 2013. South Korea, as per recent data, has the maximum number of students with a post-secondary education qualification amongst the other OECD countries.

Rise in International Students in the UK

The significant advantage of studying in the UK is the exacerbating population of students in the country. High numbers of students across the expanse of the land have impacted the decision of South Korean students, as has been revealed by previous data. A similar mentality of people and a big knit social circle is an important parameter that affects a student’s decision in studying abroad. The UK is thus an essential destination for higher education amongst Korean students who give importance to having a proper social life.

Student Life in the UK

Student life in the UK is widely different from South Korea. Within the country, you will have the opportunity to indulge in exploring ideas and creativity, which will not only hone your academic skill but would also aid in the active development of professional skills. As a student, you will get student coupons and discounts for availing public transport. There is an ever-helpful team of Student Union Group that can effectively reduce the occurrence of issues. Entertainment and choices of food are multiple. Gigs, cultural events, concerts, pubs, museums, and exhibitions; there is an abundance of all sorts of entertainment! As a Korean student, you might find it rather tricky in getting accustomed; however, the UK boasts of a high rate of student satisfaction. Thus, the issue would soon subside, and you will quickly integrate with your peers.

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Study in the UK from South Korea Study in the UK from South Korea Study in the UK from South Korea Study in the UK from South Korea Study in the UK from South Korea