Study In the Uk From Thailand

Study In the Uk From Thailand

Country Background
Students in Thailand, looking for attractive educational programs abroad, have often found their courses of desire in the UK. If you are a student hailing from Thailand and are looking for a challenging course elsewhere, the UK might have the opportunities to appease your targets. The number of Thai students migrating to the UK for the educational purpose has increased over the years and is still growing. A majority of Thai students choose the UK over the US, Australia, and Canada. This reason behind this is the similarity in the structure of the education system in both the countries and the short time of degree completion in the UK. The influential Thai Baht also influences the decision of the students as a year-long course will reflect a value for the money they are investing.

Your Thai peers have illustrated a majority preference for five subjects, namely business and management, engineering and technology, social studies, creative arts, and design and law. If you choose to study any of these subjects, you are bound to stumble upon a Thai student in your domain. The UK also promises a comfortable and exciting student life. There is a substantial population of Thai students in the UK which will help you cope with the cultural shock you might experience when you move to the country. Thailand and the UK share a history of diplomatic and economic relationships which makes the country a suitable destination for Thai students to pursue any degree.

Study In the Uk From Thailand

Student Visa requirements for Thai Students

You must have proper and binding documents to illustrate that you have secured a seat in the course of study at the university for the period of the course. The UK must recognise the institute. You must also be able to show that you have access to adequate financial resources to fund your studies and to sustain yourself while living in the UK. You will also require a few supporting documents such as relevant certificates or diplomas and your acceptance letter from the university. You must also declare your intentions to leave the country on the completion of your course if the course is not on a degree level. You are allowed to take up part-time jobs while you are studying. However, part-time jobs also come with a few restrictions. You are not allowed to work for more than twenty hours a well unless your role is in the inclusion of your studies. If rules of the part-time jobs are your student visa is liable to get revoked.

Language requirements vary from university to university in the UK. However, you must prove your competence in English. Your English skills must be strong enough to allow you to communicate with others and follow your lessons in the classroom. The two necessary official examinations recognised by a vast majority of the UK universities: TOEFL and IELTS, assess English proficiency. Ideally, most Universities accepts an IELTS score of seven and above.

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Study In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From ThailandStudy In the Uk From Thailand