Study in the UK from the Philippines

Study in the UK from the Philippines

The Philippines, a country in the Pacific Ocean was a Spanish colony, named after King of Spain, Philip II. The location of the country is within the Pacific Ring of Fire and is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is a founding member of organisations such as World Trade Organisations, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, apart from others. Formal education has come into existence in the Philippines during the colonisation period. The Spaniards were responsible for initially imparting education amongst the Philippines by the decree of religion. The training was furthermore essential for inculcating knowledge of Christianity, Spanish culture as well as language. The Educational Decree that in 1863 conducted the provision of free education to the general public. It was under governmental control. Since then, the education system in the Philippines has experienced paradigm shifts. It was primarily owing to changing power, for instance from American to Japanese rule, and finally to the present presidential constitutional republic rule. Currently, the Philippines follow a K12 strategy for education from Kindergarten up to Grade 12. It also offers vocational training
Study in the UK from the Philippines
.The primary benefit of studying in the UK for Filipino students is the quality of education bestowed by globally acclaimed universities. Philippines endorses a variable cultural diversity as compared to the UK. However, the difference in the United Kingdom still stands unrivalled. The experience of multiple cultures aids in the strengthening of the global workforce. Students from the Philippines have a lower disposable rate of income, due to which merit-based scholarship programs hosted by UK universities prove to be highly beneficial.

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An attractive opportunity for international students is the potential of working while studying. The UK promotes enormous opportunities for part-time and internship jobs. Moreover, additional development of skills for communication and decision making is present for you. The Graduate Immigration Route wherein foreign graduates for the UK have the opportunity for getting recruited in organisations can be an enticing prospect for you. The UK has a plethora of study opportunities and selection of degree, ranging from aeronautical engineering to theology. The duration of courses is short as opposed to the earlier period.
It is vital to understand that tuition fees in the UK along with the accommodation cost can be reasonable. The UK is a cheap study destination as compared to other study destination, which uses English as a mode of education. The tuition fee in the UK is lower by a minimum of £3000 when juxtaposed relative to American or Australian institutes. The UK has a string of universities, which ranks in the Top 10 in the world. Hence it is widely popular among the students of the Philippines. According to the Global University Rankings, there are six universities in the UK that are remarkable. Cambridge and Oxford have attained a score of 100%, owing to their enormous academic reputation. Thus, the quality of education that is promoted by UK institutes ensures that you after getting a degree from there gain an added “edge” as compared to students from other institutes. The UK is thus an alluring study destination for students from the Philippines.

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Study in the UK from the PhilippinesStudy in the UK from the PhilippinesStudy in the UK from the PhilippinesStudy in the UK from the PhilippinesStudy in the UK from the PhilippinesStudy in the UK from the Philippines