University Term and condition

University Term and condition

I consent to the university using my data, including sensitive data, to allow the university to fulfil its administrative obligations and process my application. The university shall duly observe its obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations and any resulting legislation which arise from this application.

The information I provide on the application form will be used for the following purposes to determine my eligibility for entry to the university. First, provide me with relevant information to assist me in joining the university (including details about Open Days, scholarships/discounts and fees, enrollment at the university, my course, my faculty and the university’s facilities, the local area, accommodation providers engaged through the university’s approved accommodation system, internships and career opportunities, visa advice and travel advice).

Enable the university to compile statistical reports. Enable the university to initiate my student record. I consent to the university sharing this information with the relevant government departments.

This includes Higher Education Statistical Agency, UK Visas and Immigration, Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT), Office for Fair Access and the Office for Students, Student Loan Company, Department for Education and its agencies for the Public Sector regulatory bodies such as

  • The British Council and the Office for Standards in Education
  • bodies which are responsible for professional accreditation of my course, if applicable
  • the Police or other authority concerning crime prevention or investigation, or association with the Government’s Prevent agenda
  • accommodation providers (where applicable) who are engaged through the university’s approved accommodation system; Liberty Living and Student Village
  • UCAS (through the completion of a Record of Prior Acceptance (RPA) in compliance with the UCAS Undergraduate Application and Recruitment Policy) and NARIC (to establish the equivalent level and verify a qualification if applicable).